Wednesday, September 10, 2014

7:15 AM

8:05 a.m.

Steven Gross

Sandy Mandel

Steven Gross, Managing Partner, Real Estate Investments, Romspen Investment Corporation
Sandy Mandel, President, Sanford Mandel & Associates Inc.

8:10 AM
Economic Outlook for 2014 and Beyond: What You Need to Know About the Canadian Economy

Benjamin Tal will provide insight into the Canadian economy with a specific focus on the multi-family and apartment sector. He will also share his forecast on interest rates, commodity prices, bond yields, inflation and economic risk on the Canadian economy. How will the housing market, new regulations, and government policies affect the multi-residential rental market? What is in store for energy prices, immigration and population growth across the country? What are the demographic projections for markets across Canada, which regions should we watch and which regions are projected to out-perform?

Benjamin Tal, Deputy Chief Economist, CIBC World Markets Inc.

8:45 a.m.
Residential Development: Changes in the Multi-Family and Condo Space

The GTA and GVA have been building a record number of high rise condominium projects over the past years. This influx of new construction has been satisfying demand increases in the rental market space. Recently, purpose built rental properties are being considered by a number of owners, developers and investors across these markets. For the first time in years, we are seeing an expressed interest in new rental development coupled with uncertainty in the condominium markets. What is the status of the condo market in the GTA and what affects will it have on the multi-residential rental sector. Has the buying pool for residential land shifted from condo to apartment developer in the GTA and GVA? George Carras’ presentation is ideally positioned to provide you with the key insights for better decisions in the multi-family rental sector.

George Carras, President, RealNet Canada Inc.

9:15 a.m.
Overview of Multi-Family Residential Values Across Canada: What Major Changes Transpired in 2013/2014 and what’s on the Horizon for 2015?

Canada has a diverse cross-section of buyers, owners and operators which results in varying asset values. What changes have occurred in property values over the last 12 months and what opportunities or challenges are forecast over the next year? Paul will scan across Canadian markets as he provides an overview on asset pricing and discusses disposition and appraisal value expectations. With specific focus on key and notable markets he will also provide a deeper understanding of just how intrinsically different each market is. 

Paul Morassutti, Executive Vice President and Senior Managing Director, Valuation and Advisory Services, CBRE Limited

10:00 a.m.

10:30 AM
Broker Round-Up: The History Behind Key Deals in the Past 18 Months and What Deals are Anticipated Over the Next 12?

From those on the front lines we will hear about recent transactions across the country. What deals are getting done and what are the metrics buyers and sellers are using? Are there any value add deals left? If so what are the conditions that make them profitable? What are buyer strategies when purchasing record breaking low cap rate properties? There is a lot of discussion in the market about new development in select markets, what key land transactions or conversions have been purchased over the past 12 months? Looking across Canada our panel of brokers will provide a case study analysis of major notable transactions with all the salient facts and details.

Joe Hoffer

Jean-Charles Angers

Michael Betsalel

Lance Coulson

James Roy

Joe Hoffer, Partner, Cohen Highley LLP

Jean-Charles Angers, Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets Real Estate Group
Michael Betsalel, Vice President, Investment Services, Colliers International
Lance Coulson, Senior Vice President, CBRE National Apartment Group
James Roy, President, Principled Apartment Advisor, a division of Royal LePage Commercial

With all the Development on the Horizon, Who is Actually Building Today and What are They Constructing?

What is really happening on the new construction front? What are the hurdles and opportunities that exist for building multi-residential assets? With so much discussion on new construction do the numbers really add up and should we get ready for an influx of new builds coming to the market? What are the anticipated rental rates across the country and what regions, if any, should we be concerned with? How are developers managing the timeline risk and who is taking the chance to build new?

Jamie Ziegel

Mark Humphreys

Adrian Kozak

William Logar

Lee Warren

Jamie Ziegel, Managing Director, TD Securities

Mark Humphreys, Chief Executive Officer, Humphreys & Partners Architects, L.P.

Adrian Kozak, Director, Investments, Concert Properties Ltd.

William Logar, Vice President, Development, KingSett Capital

Lee Warren, Managing Director, Real Estate, Sun Life Investment Management

In Conversation with Tom Schwartz – Join Us to Hear His Story

Tom Schwartz graduated as a Chartered Accountant in 1975 and went on to pursue a career in real estate development. Today he is one of the most successful owners within our industry. How did reach this level of success? What were some of the major obstacles, inspirations, learning moments and memories that he gathered along the way? Join us for an intimate and interactive discussion with Tom.

Tom founded Intraurban Projects to specialize in the development of new housing projects in mature communities. Intraurban built and developed over 2500 housing units serving all market segments and through York Heritage Properties has participated in the development, construction, and management of over 600,000 sq. ft. of commercial space. In 1997, Tom Schwartz, founded Canadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (“CAPREIT”), Canada’s first apartment real estate investment trust. Tom is the President and CEO of CAPREIT which owns over 40,000 apartment suites and land lease sites located in or near major urban centres from coast to coast. Tom Schwartz is active in industry and government affairs and is currently on the Board of Trustees of CAPREIT; the Board of Directors of Chartwell Seniors Housing REIT; and the Board of Directors of the Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation. Tom is also a member of the Schulich School of Business Advisory Council – Program in Real Estate and Infrastructure.

John O’Bryan

Tom Schwartz

John O’Bryan, Chairman, CBRE Limited
Tom Schwartz, President and CEO, CAPREIT

Next Generation of Multi-Residential Market Leaders: Who are They and What is Their Strategy?

Who are the next generation of multi-family leaders? From IT companies to operators to owners who are the up-and-comers in the space and what is their strategy to be successful across this asset class. Why have they chosen the field they are in and where do they see opportunities? Are they referencing international examples and models in their strategy? What drives their innovation and pursuit of their goals? This session will be informative and inspirational. Come see what the next generation of operators, owners, and visionaries are doing on the ground in your market today.

Jeremy Wedgbury

Sharmeen Dossani

Daniel Gryfe

Daniel Winberg

Mark Zolty

Jeremy Wedgbury, Senior Vice President, Commercial Mortgages, First National Financial LP

Sharmeen Dossani, Director, Asset Management, Realstar Management
Daniel Gryfe, Co-Founder and Chairman, Tourbillon Partners
Daniel Winberg, Principal, The Rockport Group
Mark Zolty, Managing Director, Brass Enterprises

11:40 AM
Competing With the Condominium Market? Case Studies on High-End New Build Rental Properties

With an established high-end condominium rental market in our major cities how are purpose build rental properties competing? What is the business case for developing these types of assets? This seminar will provide an in-depth review of projects from concept to completion. Join this session and discover the opportunity that these owners/developers could see, the hurdles they encountered and successes realized.

Drew Koivu

Brian Athey

Philip Fraser

Barry Lyon

Drew Koivu, Managing Director, Principal, U.S. Apartment Fund, Avison Young

Brian Athey, Vice President, Morguard North American Residential REIT

Philip Fraser, President and CEO, Killam Properties Inc.

Barry Lyon, President and Senior Partner, N. Barry Lyon Consultants Limited

Mixed-Use Properties and Intensification on Existing Assets – How to Manage the Different Elements?

With Kingsett, RioCan and Oxford developing mixed use properties which include a multi-residential element, what’s the secret to having it all come together in a balanced project? Are there opportunities to include multi-residential properties on existing retail centres? From intensification to ground up developments what is the business case, project team and recipe for success with these complex assets?

Lisa Borsook

Melissa Cristofoli

Rob Kumer

Tyler Seaman

Lisa Borsook, Executive Partner, WeirFoulds LLP

Melissa Cristofoli, Manager, Planning and Development, RioCan REIT
Rob Kumer, Partner, Investments, KingSett Capital
Tyler Seaman, Vice President, Multi-Residential, Oxford Properties Group

The Impact Technology Can Have on Landlords. From Social Media to Tenant Portals

From Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to Tenant Portals and Electronic Signatures what do landlords need to be aware of on the technology front? How can technology increase your efficiency and create more attractive properties and conversely what are some major issues to be aware of as this digital age starts to create paperless offices and an endless stream of readily available and relatively uncontrolled information? How to manage your good and not so good reviews on social media and how to plan marketing campaigns that cover print, electronic and word of mouth? Do you need to be concerned with privacy legislation and the legalities of digital leases and signatures and what apps and programs can help you run your building better with less human costs?

Aik Aliferis

Peter Altobelli

Leonard Drimmer

Amy Erixon

Trish MacPherson

Joseph Nakhla

Aik Aliferis, Co-Founder, Primecorp Commercial Realty Inc., Brokerage

Peter Altobelli, Vice President and GM, Canadian Operations, Yardi Systems, Inc.

Leonard Drimmer, Chief Executive Officer, Property Vista Software Inc.

Amy Erixon, Principal and Managing Director, Investments, Avison Young
Trish MacPherson, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, CAPREIT
Joseph Nakhla, Founder and CEO, bazinga!

Secondary and Tertiary Markets: What Does a Successful Strategy Look Like?

Secondary and tertiary markets operate in silos to some degree. Is there continuity in these communities? What are the cap rates, financing costs and operating challenges in tertiary communities? Does it change between Newfoundland, Yukon, Alberta and Ontario or are there similarities in markets? Can you generate economies of scale in smaller markets and who actually owns these properties? Portfolio growth can be generated through acquisition or development but with limited properties at attractive cap rates in major urban nodes being marketed is there opportunity outside of the major cities?

Tim Sommer

Scott Andison

Mike Bonneveld

Dion Bowman

Karl Innanen

Tim Sommer, Senior Vice President, Investment Sales, Capital Markets Group, Cushman & Wakefield Ltd.

Scott Andison, President and CEO, Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario
Mike Bonneveld, Vice President Asset Management, Skyline Asset Management Inc.
Dion Bowman, Senior Manager, Mantler Management Ltd.
Karl Innanen, Managing Director and Broker, Waterloo Region, Colliers International

12:50 PM

2:00 PM
What’s in Store for Financing, What Major Changes Do You Need to be Aware of and What Deals Have Been Completed?

What are the implications for capital markets across Canada with respect to the multi-family, seniors and apartment sector? How are all the difference sources of financing underwriting and assessing deals in today’s marketplace? From CMHC to the tier one banks, what do you need to know about financing? This session will also include mezzanine, construction and development debt in addition to standard income producing asset leverage.

Guy Alberga

Vito Campisi

Frank Malone

Doug Podd

Kevin Sheedy

Glen Trevisani

Guy Alberga, Senior Vice President, MetCap Living

Vito Campisi, Vice President, Commercial Lending, Real Estate Finance Group, MCAP
Frank Malone, Vice President, Commercial Mortgage Group, TD Commercial Banking
Doug Podd, Managing Partner, Brookfield Financial

Kevin Sheedy, Vice President, Business Development, CMLS Financial Ltd.

Glen Trevisani, Vice President, Insurance Operations, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Repositioning and Redeveloping Older Assets: What You Need to Know to Succeed and What to Look Out for!

Competing with shiny new condominium units has its challenges and opportunities. What is the actual lifespan of our aging rental stock? How old is just too old? When you find out your property is far too old how do you actually redevelop it? How do you move everyone out to tear down and start new; is this even an option? What are the municipal hurdles that need to be considered in our major cities when looking at redevelopments? What are tenant rights? What are owner rights? How do these work together to create new, competitive and safe properties that meet resident needs and expectations?

David Bloomstone

Sarah Gray

Jeff Hutchison

Marc Lean

Brent Merrill

Wayne Tuck

David Bloomstone, Director, TD Securities Inc.

Sarah Gray, Project Principal, Halsall Associates (a Parsons Brinkerhoff company)
Jeff Hutchison, Managing Director, Asset Management, Timbercreek Asset Management Inc.
Marc Lean, Partner, Dickinson Wright LLP
Brent Merrill, President and CEO, MetCap Living Management Inc.
Wayne Tuck, Vice President of Operations and COO, Centurion Property Associates Inc.

New and Innovative ROI Strategies for Today’s Assets: What are Some Owners and Managers Doing to Increase Revenue and Remain Competitive?

With extremely low cap rates how do owners and managers increase revenues over the short to medium term? What new technologies, management and/or development strategies are operators using to increase the bottom line? Where are the opportunities, who has done them and what were their real results? How do you push rents upwards? Where do you spend the capital and how much do you need to spend? The session will also explore Smart Metering and the benefits and challenges to investing in it. Come learn how you can push rents higher while reducing costs.

Colin Catherwood

Jason Castellan

Jonathan Krehm

Dharmendra Sawh

Small to Medium Property Owners: How to Drive Returns and Create Efficiencies to Scale?

There is no doubt that smaller properties require their own strategies. In addition, operators with smaller portfolios have differing advantages and challenges than those with large multiregional portfolios. What are some of these winning strategies for capital expenditures for smaller owners? How do you fund large projects for a 50 unit building? When an elevator or balconies need replacing are there any options or preplanning that can help spread the cost? How does social media and technology benefit the small owner specifically? Join this session and learn strategies for owning, operating, and marketing smaller assets and holding smaller portfolios of properties.

Earl Kufner

Yann Lapointe

Rudy Nassri

Nadine Sarich

Pierre-Paul Turgeon

Darryl Ura

Earl Kufner, Vice President, Toronto Office, Colliers International

Yann Lapointe, President and Co-Founder, Trivica Construction Inc.
Rudy Nassri, President and CEO, LCN Property Management
Nadine Sarich, Vice President, Arcanos Property Management Corporation
Pierre-Paul Turgeon, Mortgage Agent, Calum Ross Mortgage & Multi-Family Investor, Matterhorn Real Estate Investments Ltd.
Darryl Ura, Investment Advisor, RBC Dominion Securities

3:10 PM

3:15 PM
Closing Roundtable
Strategic Thinking: What Can We Expect From the Public, Private and Institutional Players in the Next 12-18 Months

Steven Gross, Managing Partner, Real Estate Investments, Romspen Investment Corporation
Sandy Mandel, President, Sanford Mandel & Associates Inc.

Ugo Bizzarri, Founding Managing Director, Portfolio Management and Investments, Timbercreek Asset Management
Rob Geremia, President, Boardwalk REIT
Alf Hendry, Chief Executive Officer, Homestead Land Holdings Limited
Evan Kirsh, President, Starlight U.S. Multi-Family Core Fund
Moray Tawse, Vice President, Investments, First National Financial LP

4:15 PM