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2018: One of Canada’s Leading Real Estate Conferences Focuses on the Issues

The Continuing Evolution of Calgary: Opportunities vs. Challenges

Is it finally time to diversify the city’s economic base? Who’s leading the way on getting the city back on its feet? Is the dust finally settling? How should the city protect itself from future economic cycles?

Many of the answers will be provided at the 20th annual Calgary Real Estate Forum – the largest conference of its kind in Western Canada.

Are the industrial, retail and multi-residential sectors holding their own? When will the bleed in the downtown office market slow down? What’s the investment interest in Calgary? What are expectations with respect to oil prices rebounding?

This will be an information-packed Forum focusing on the challenges facing asset managers, brokers, corporate real estate executives, developers, investors, and other professionals active in the ownership, management, leasing, financing, and marketing of commercial, industrial, investment, and residential real estate. The information will help you determine what strategies to follow for the remainder of 2018 and beyond.

We sincerely hope you will take advantage of this informative event.

Todd Cook
Forum Chair
President & Chief Executive Officer
Northview Apartment REIT