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Land and Development Transformations, Innovations and Market Updates in 2019

The 2019 Land & Development Conference offers insightful keynote presentations and concurrent sessions on local, national and global development markets including both residential and commercial activity. We are very excited to bring forward a program in 2019 that concentrates on the traditional topics of financing, construction, development, investment and leasing market activity while including macro level influences like technology, mobility, resilience, innovation and intensification that will impact the development environment across Canada.

The 15th annual Land & Development Conference will provide thought provoking views on national development, acquisition and disposition strategies, challenges, opportunities and risks. The program will include a 12-month review of the market and forecast on where land values are going and what developments are on the horizon for 2019 and beyond. Who is active today and  tomorrow across the development spectrum? What are their strategies and how will their behavior impact the market? What role do foreign investors play in the Canadian landscape and how can we learn from global case studies? 2019 will also explore innovations, disrupters and opportunities with PropTech integration across all stages of the development cycle. 

Join us as we examine where this sector is heading from the perspective of owners, developers, investors, and lenders. With a 2018 attendance of over 900 participants, we strongly believe the 2019 program will attract even more attendees and address the important and influential questions.

This special event has been organized by Informa Canada, the producers of the Real Estate Forums, in conjunction with a steering committee of developers, owners, lenders, brokers, and their intermediaries.

In keeping with the strong reputation of the Forums, the Land & Development Conference will present high-quality speakers on very topical issues at a relatively low registration fee.

Opportunities for networking and collaboration will also be available throughout the conference.

We sincerely hope you will take advantage of this important event.

Eric Carlson
Core-Founder & CEO
Anthem Properties

Jeff Hull