Tuesday, May 28, 2013

7:15 AM

8:00 AM

Paul Golini, Executive Vice President & Co-Founder, Empire Communities 
John Marotta, Senior Vice President, Development, Eastern Canada, Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP

8:05 AM
Economic Insight: What Is The Future Of Growth In The Greater Golden Horseshoe?

With special attention to the development market across the region, Douglas will offer his insight on global and domestic issues that are driving the broader economy. Which geo-political and geo-economic trends will impact economic growth for Ontario and the Greater Golden Horseshoe specifically? What is the outlook for employment and spending growth and what are the key economic engines driving job creation?

Douglas Porter, Chief Economist & Managing Director, BMO Capital Markets

Intensification In Action: Dealing With The Market Realities

Everywhere we look there are stories about the GTA condominium and housing market. With a record number of units under construction and the large number of pending condominium deliveries, what are the market realities? This insightful presentation will provide the key facts and perspectives that you need to know through a detailed examination and critical analysis of the GTA market. What major changes have happened over the past 12 months and what is on the horizon for the next year? What are the emerging trends, key risks and the market’s response in sales, inventories and prices for both the new home and land and investment market?

George Carras, President, RealNet Canada Inc.

9:10 AM
Infrastructure Concerns & Solutions: How The Movement Of People Is Shaping Our City

Are traffic congestion and the perpetual movement of people strangling our cities across the Toronto commuter shed? This presentation will examine the impetus for large scale transportation and infrastructure changes across 416 and 905 corridors. What are some potential forward looking solutions to the infrastructure needs of this region? What is the commuter tipping point that will lead people to second guess the location of their house, job or both? As we build up we need to remember to invest down, in the streets and transit systems. Join our panel as we examine the main arteries of our region and provide an overview of exactly how people and goods move through and within the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Discussion will include a review of proposed solutions emanating from Metrolinx.

Antony Lorius, Director, Deloitte Real Estate

John Tory, Chair, Corporate Director and Broadcaster, CivicAction Alliance 
Leslie Woo, Vice President, Policy, Planning and Innovation, Metrolinx 

10:00 AM

10:25 AM
Shifting Paradigms: In A Highly Condominiumized Market Have We Forgotten About The Single Family Home Builder?

Are the traditional subdivisions of detached homes a dying breed or are they just flying under the radar? With the reduction of greenfield sites available for low-rise housing development across the GTA and the impact of the Provincial Places to Grow strategy, what are the challenges facing this sector of the market? Is the mid-sized homebuilder struggling to survive? Will we see an increase in custom housing and infill projects? Is the model of a traditional subdivision still viable or are these homes pricing themselves out of the market? With an exceptionally strong single family resale market, what is the demand for new detached homes and who is providing the product? Join our panel as we turn the focus away from the condominium market and back to understanding what lies ahead for traditional single family homebuilders.

Andrew Brethour, President, PMA Brethour Realty Group

Scott Cameron, President, Cameron Stephens Mortgage Capital Ltd.

Noah Rechtsman, Associate Vice President, Capital Markets Group, Cushman & Wakefield Ltd.
Neil Rodgers, Executive Vice President, Acquisitions, Tribute Communities 
Miguel Singer, Principal, Madison Properties Inc.

Session A2:
Relationship Lending Is Back: What You Need To Know About Development Financing

How has the financing market changed over the past twelve months for both residential and commercial properties? Have condominium developers overextended themselves with too many projects? Are lenders now approaching high levels of caution and risk assessment as they respond to the concerns of OSFI, the Minister of Finance and the BOC? Our panel will provide insights into pricing, sources, underwriting criteria, and the availability of debt, equity and construction financing. What are the major differences between asset classes and developer profile? Are lenders matching borrower expectations? Are they encouraged or concerned by their clients’ respective portfolios? While activity has remained strong for condominium and other commercial projects, the development process has become lengthier and more costly. To what extent have traditional lenders tightened up their activities and are being replaced by alternative sources of financing?

Wissam Francis, Vice President, Ernst & Young Real Estate Services Inc.

Michael Carragher, Vice President, Mortgage Investments, Firm Capital Corporation

Bruno Iacovetta, Managing Director, Real Estate Finance Group, MCAP Financial Corporation 

Jeff Parkes, Vice President, Commercial Real Estate, HSBC Bank Canada 

Ari Silverberg, President, Harbour Equity Capital Corp. 

Session A3:
Securing The Foundation: Retrospective On Past Deals And Looking Forward At Land Prices

Pressure continues to mount on the availability of land and feasible sites for both residential and commercial development purposes. Where is pricing heading across the Greater Toronto Area and where are the best opportunities now? What types of terms are getting the deals done? A panel of industry experts specializing in land sales and valuations will discuss current market conditions across the 416 and 905. They will also provide insight into some notable transactions that include land assemblies, land leases, and the purchase of air rights. This session will also examine land inventory from public sector sources: what lands will be released, by whom, when, and what type of pricing.

Mark Reeve, Partner, Urban Capital Property Group

Lauren Doughty, Sales Associate, CBRE Limited

John Galluzzo, Partner, The Morassutti Group 

Gary Morassutti, Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets Real Estate Group

Craig Smith, Founder, President & Broker of Record, Ashlar Urban Realty Inc.

11:30 AM
Session B1:
What Are We Buying Into: The Future Of Suburban And Urban Retail Across The Region

The retail market is undergoing some of the most dramatic pressures of any property class. Innovation and a proactive approach to demographic shifts are opening up new opportunities for creative infill and mixed use projects across the region. Our panel will examine how retail developers are reacting to these trends. If density is really changing the way retailers are thinking, what happens to the big box format? How much opportunity is there for growth in urban retail concepts to meet the needs of those moving into the condominium market? How do both a residential and retail project work in synergy in the case of a mixed-use project? Have relationships evolved between condo/office and retail developers? From the impact of shopping using e-commerce to the significant growth in inner city populations, the challenges to traditional formats are resulting in real notable changes across this sector.

John Crombie,
 Senior Managing Director, National Retail Services, Brokerage, Cushman & Wakefield Ltd.

Finley McEwen,
 Senior Vice President, Development, The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited
Michael Rice, President, Rice Commercial Group Limited 
Tim Sanderson, Co-Founder & Principal, Northwest Atlantic (Canada) Inc.
Tom Smith, Senior Vice President, Development and Leasing, Enclosed Malls, SmartCentres Inc.

Session B2:
Working The Land: Trends And Opportunities For Urban And Suburban Employment Lands

Are the policies in place to encourage the appropriate use of employment lands across the GTA? Do we have an oversupply of sites with this designation? Where is the greatest demand and need for these types of site? How do we facilitate development growth that will attract industries? Are we growing in a predictable manner as anticipated by policy makers? Are people following the jobs or the jobs following people? What are the major differences within our region by geographic boundary facing the future use of employment lands? What mechanisms, plans, policies and incentives are in place to facilitate growth? Join this panel as they examine to what degree there is a disconnect between municipal and provincial policies that designate employment lands and what the most feasible development opportunities are for these sites.

Jim McIntosh, 
Senior Vice President & Sales Representative, Colliers International

Christopher Broccolo,
 Principal, Verus Partners, LLC
Mary Flynn-Guglietti, Partner, McMillan LLP 
Jeff Miller, Vice President, Industrial, Oxford Properties Group
Peter Norman, Chief Economist, Altus Group

Session B3:
Unpacking The Condo Market: What Does The Future Hold?

With a new Condominium Act on the horizon, threats to the investor driven model and escalating land prices, this session will examine what is in store for high-rise developments for the remainder of 2013 and beyond. The panel will discuss supply and demand equations and specifically if we are moving away from investor buyers and to a more owner-occupant market. What implications would the changing purchaser profile shift have on demand and pricing? How will it affect delivery schedules, unit size, financing, and amenity mix? Discussion will also focus on escalating construction costs, development charges, and land costs and what these factors will mean to the condominium market across the GTA. This session will also comment on the quality of projects under development and the ultimate impact of the changing market on the profile of developers.

Barry Lyon, 
President and Senior Partner, N. Barry Lyon Consultants Limited

Derek Goring,
 Vice President, Land Development, Infrastructure Ontario 

Mimi Ng, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Menkes Developments Ltd. 

Elliott Taube, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, International Home Marketing Group

Alan Vihant, Senior Vice President, High-Rise, Great Gulf Homes

12:30 PM

1:25 PM
Session C1:
Densification Of Cities: Mixed-Use Super Projects Are Spurring A New Evolution Of Cities

With an influx of Super Projects on the horizon, this panel will review key developments that could ultimately shape our cities across the GTA in a significant fashion. The conversation will examine what will bring these projects to fruition, how will infrastructure be impacted, what challenges to density will occur, and how developers are accommodating completely different uses within the same site. Could these Super Projects impact construction costs, timelines, and availability of labour? Discussion will also examine financing structures, presale strategies and development thesis.

Michael Brooks,
 Partner, Aird and Berlis LLP 

Wayne Barwise
, Executive Vice President, Development, The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited

John Campbell, President and CEO, Waterfront Toronto 

David Gerofsky, President & COO of Great Gulf, and Chief Executive Officer of First Gulf Corporation

Johann Schumacher, Vice President, Development, Oxford Properties Group 

Session C2:
Unlocking the Potential for Mid-Rise Buildings: Six Storey Wood Frame Challenges and Opportunities

A new report captures the planning rationale for changing the Ontario Building Code from four to six storey wood frame building. Will it increase the diversity of living choices for new home buyers while facilitating a major step towards achieving planned intensification goals of the provincial Growth Plan and all regional and municipal Official Plans? The idea of building mid-rise residential and mixed-use buildings on urban corridors is a fundamental component of creating sustainable cities and regions. How safety is being addressed, economic viability and experiences from other Canadian markets will round out this presentation tackling this initiative’s challenges and opportunities. Is this a potential solution to deliver affordability back into the marketplace?

Bryan Tuckey,
 President & CEO, Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD)

Paul Bedford,
 Principal, Paul Bedford & Associates

Sheldon Levitt, Principal, Quadrangle Architects Limited

Leith Moore, President, Ontario Home Builders’ Association, Vice President, Development, Sorbara Development Group

Steven Street, Technical Director, Ontario Wood WORKS/Canadian Wood Council

Session C3:
Coming Out Of The Shadows: A Look Back On Some Highly Contentious Planning Decisions

A panel of builders and industry experts will examine some of the most hotly contested GTA developments in the past decade and see how these projects have eventually been integrated into their respective neighbourhoods. What were the obstacles, opportunities, costs and hurdles they needed to satisfy to fulfill their development vision? Using a case study format, this session will take a deep dive into select urban developments that received significant public opinion opposition during the development process.

Leor Margulies,
 Partner, Robins Appleby & Taub LLP

Bob Blazevski, 
Executive Vice President, Diamond Corp.

Jeffrey Davies, Lawyer, Davies Howe Partners LLP

Steve Deveaux, Vice President of Land Development, Tribute Communities

Sheldon Fenton, President, Reserve Properties Limited
Joe Mihevc, City Councillor, City of Toronto, Ward 21 St. Paul’s West 

2:30 PM
Session D1:
Changing Skylines: What New Office Developments Are On The Horizon?

New office product has continued to receive support with a number of notable projects recently being launched or about to proceed. How will design guidelines, sustainability and tenant requirements influence these new developments as they move from planning to construction? What impact is the South Core having on the rest Toronto’s financial district and what is driving this tenant demand? What are the trends for office development across the 905? Where are the tenants coming from and who is occupying new office developments across the suburban and 416 markets? The past year witnessed a boom of new construction and 2013 seems to be continuing the trend.

Sandy McNair,
 President, Altus InSite

Robert Armstrong,
 Principal, Avison Young Commercial Real Estate 
Tom Burns, Executive Vice President & COO, Allied Properties REIT
John Knechtel, Senior Director of Leasing, The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited
Lisa Lafave, Senior Portfolio Manager, Real Estate, HOOPP

Session D2:
Drivers Of Communities: How Alternative Asset Classes Are Shaping Neighbourhoods

This insightful session will look at some of the key elements that shape our communities and what development opportunities they are creating. How do social housing, places of worship, retirement communities, and hospitality and entertainment projects ignite and spur development activity? How do these communities form and grow? What are the planning considerations and demographic requirements that are needed? What legacy are they creating and what are the considerations that need to be acknowledged when undertaking specialty developments?

Andrea Gabor, 
Partner, Urban Strategies Inc.

Remo Agostino, 
Director of Development, The Daniels Corporation 

Yosi Behar, President, Broker of Record, The Behar Group Realty Inc.

Gil Blutrich, Founder & President, Skyline Developments
John Fox, Partner, Robins Appleby & Taub LLP 

Session D3:
What’s The Plan: Regional Planning Conversation Answering The Major Questions

Join the conversation as our panel of planners and consultants discuss macro level planning issues, questions, concerns, opportunities, risks and rewards that apply to the GTA. What influence will green developments have on planning, city requirements, construction costs and construction quality? Is prescriptive zoning here to stay? How are residential, commercial and employment lands changing and how will that impact city building?

Lyn Townsend, 
Partner, Townsend and Associates

Lindsay Dale-Harris,
 Partner, Bousfields Inc. 

Andrew McNeill, Manager Downtown Collaborative, City of Mississauga

Lee Parsons, Founding Partner, Malone Given Parsons Ltd.

Michael Whelan, Vice President, Development, BUILD Toronto Inc. 

3:25 PM

3:30 PM
Strategic Thinkers: What Is In Store For Development Across The GGH Over The Next 12 – 24 Months

A panel of respected senior executives representing a diverse cross-section of development activities and interest will provide their insights and perspective on the most critical issues and market trends for 2013 and beyond. This timely and topical conversation will examine the following issues:

  • Where does the condominium market go from here if the investor driven market is over? What changes would an end-user market have on the industry?
  • What are the opportunities for more office and industrial developments in the GTA?
  • How will the increased integration of retail influence mixed-use development?
  • Will we see more super projects in the coming months? Will the planned projects proceed as planned?
  • What are you building next and where?
  • Are there large impactful policy changes coming down the pipeline?

How is GGHA’s landscape going to change in the coming year?

Paul Golini, Executive Vice President & Co-Founder, Empire Communities
John Marotta, Senior Vice President, Development, Eastern Canada, Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP

Michael Emory, President and CEO, Allied Properties REIT
Niall Haggart, Executive Vice President, The Daniels Corporation 
Hugh Heron, Principal, The Heron Group of Companies 
Dori Segal, President & CEO, First Capital Realty Inc.
Jim Tadeson, Founding Partner, Carttera Private Equities Inc.

4:30 PM