Montréal: A Market that is Attracting Increasing Global and Canadian Investor Attention

Last Year’s Forum was Sold Out with Record Attendance

The Montréal real estate market is experiencing a strength that is exceeding many expectations.

Almost 1,200 real estate executives attended the 2017 conference which was sold out well in advance.

Chaired by Yves-André Godon, Executive Vice President, Carbonleo, the Forum will feature a highly informative program examining the key opportunities in one of Canada’s major markets, and what are the underlying reasons for its current performance.

Over 75 speakers and presentations will focus on the economic drivers responsible for the city’s growth; the major investent, leasing and development trends in the office, industrial, retail, multi-unit residential, and land markets; how much renewal activity is underway; and what municipal initiatives and strategies are facilitating growth.

In addition, Montréal is now the Canadian market that is receiving the strongest foreign investor interest. Why?

UDI Québec – the leading real estate association in the province – is the principal sponsor of the Forum.

The annual UDI Real Estate Evening will be held on the night prior to the Montréal Real Estate Forum. Considered to be the Montréal real estate community’s largest annual social event, the Real Estate evening is a very well attended and ideal networking opportunity for conference attendees.

The Forum will be targeted at the interests of real estate executives, brokers, developers, investors, asset managers, and other professionals active in the acquisition, leasing, financing, management, and marketing of office, industrial, retail, and multi-unit residential real estate.

The discussions will help you determine what strategies to follow for the remainder of 2018 and beyond in the Montréal market.

Note that the registration fee still remains significantly lower than other comparable events and fits virtually every organization’s or individual’s budget.

We sincerely hope you will take advantage of this very informative event.

Yves-André Godon
Executive Vice President