2019 Video Series

This exclusive video series features interviews with senior executives across the real estate industry. They provide a synopsis of the major themes, issues and conclusions reached on key market trends, as well as address what challenges and opportunities they see ahead in various geographic markets or property classes.Below is a selection of videos from this series. For more videos from the Real Estate Forums Interview Video Series, please visit our Official YouTube Channel.

Highlights from the 2019 Ottawa Real Estate Forum

A Vision for the Continued Evolution of Ottawa: An Interview with Mayor Jim Watson

Outlook for Real Estate Valuations in Ottawa Heading into 2020

Most Significant Challenges for Real Leaders in Next 12 Months

Ottawa —On Track for the Future | Opening Video #OREF19

Perspective on Cost & Availability of Capital in 2020

Major Challenges and Opportunities for Ottawa in 2020

Highlights from the 2016 Ottawa Real Estate Forum

Comment l'économie d'Ottawa se produira au cours des quinze prochoins mois?

How Will the Ottawa Economy Perform Over the Next 15 Months?

Real Estate Opportunities in Gatineau

What is Ottawa's Vision for Development & Urban Planning?

What Can Sport Teach You About Corporate Leadership?

How Much Will Investors Pay For Office, Retail, Industrial or Apartment Assets in Ottawa?