An Interactive Platform for Canadian Investors and Real Estate Investment Managers from around the World

Canadian Real Estate Forums is Canada’s most important producer of conferences for the real estate industry. Each year, the group organizes some 20 real estate conferences and forums in cities across the country. These events attract over 16,500 people, including the decision-makers of leading pension funds and insurance companies.

Global Property Market (GPM) is the “must attend” conference for investors who are interested in investing internationally. Annually, institutional investors from across Canada come to Toronto to learn about the global markets and meet investment managers active in those markets. More than 90% of all Canadian capital looking to invest globally was represented at the 2019 Global Property Market conference.

While we are unable to hold GPM this year due to COVID-19, the team at Canadian Real Estate Forums is committed to providing Canadian investors a window on the world. We are excited to offer investors and investment managers a new platform to enable global transaction activity: Global Connect.

This initiative is a collaboration between Canadian Real Estate Forums and two highly regarded international real estate professionals: Brad Olsen, President of Atlantic Partners, Ltd., based in the US, and Peter de Haas, the Principal and Founder of de Haas Real Estate Advisory, based in the Netherlands.

Are You an Investor?

The Global Connect platform will enable Canadian investors to connect to global real estate investment managers on a unique, virtual platform which provides maximum connectivity and interaction.

Investment managers will be featured on individual, one-hour webinars describing their funds, companies and their strategies. These webinars will be marketed by Canadian Real Estate Forums at no cost to Canadian investors which have registered to be part of Global Connect. Investors will be able to expand their contacts among global managers and gain knowledge of international markets as they prepare their investment strategies for 2021 and beyond.

This platform is designed to connect Canadian investors with at least C$500 million in assets, together with consultants who provide assistance to such investors in connection with their selection of real estate investment managers. Registration is open only to those people that meet these criteria.

Are You a Manager?

The Global Connect platform will enable investment managers to connect with Canadian investors on a platform which provides maximum connectivity and interaction. Investment managers will be featured on individual, one-hour webinars which will be marketed by Canadian Real Estate Forums to its extensive database of Canadian investors.

All webinars broadcast on the Global Connect platform will be recorded so that registered investors who are unable to participate in the live broadcast will be able to watch the webinar later. The pertinent contact details of all investors who watch the live webinar or the recorded version will be shared with the manager to maximize its ability to connect with those investors.

Global Connect Inquiry 2020

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