The Canadian Apartment Investment Conference will take place virtually this year on September 22 & 23 with an outstanding program and first class speakers. In tandem with the event, and to keep you informed and connected, the Chairs of the conference have curated this Report designed to provide valuable insights from owners, managers, developers, investors, lenders and service providers who are active in multi-family markets across the country. Exceptional insights are presented here as key questions were asked and answered. It is ideally positioned to provide comprehensive knowledge and information sharing from respected industry members on a multitude of topics relevant to this sector that you can take away and, in many instances, apply to your businesses now. The Chairs wish to thank you personally and on behalf of the speakers, sponsors and organizers for supporting The Canadian Apartment Investment Conference. The responses presented herein show that not only are we managing, owning and operating multi-family assets, but that the industry really cares about each other and all those that occupy the properties.